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The Smart Home. Cape Town

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The Smart Home.

The Internet of Things - The Smart Home.

Not that long ago the technology we take for granted today seemed like something out of a science fiction movie, but yet, here it is.
Today the Smart Home is becoming a reality.
When you consider the exponential rate at which technology leaps ahead, and becomes more affordable, just imagine what the average home will look like in a short ten years from now.
A relatively famous person was once laughed at for saying "I am going to put a PC on every desk in every home" I think we can safely say that he not only met, but exceeded that goal.
It's gone well beyond PC's now with the advent of the smart phone, tablets, lap-tops and more recently the arrival of the first "smart" appliances, Audio Video equipment, TV's that connect to the internet that can stream digital content and be controlled and monitored remotely.
The smart home is coming, but most of our homes, even new homes, are not ready for it. Most of us are simply not planning for it.

Data Cabling in Cape Town

Get wired for the future, Today.

Actually the headline should more accurately read, "Get wired for Today, Today".

Just take a moment, think about many devices do you already have in your home that require some form of internet connectivity.....Computers, Laptops, smart-phones, tablets, iPads maybe even one or two smart TV's, your CCTV system, modern audio equipment, the list goes on.

Surprised?. We're pretty sure you are.

How many of those devices were recent additions to your home, in the last 5-10 years and how many more smart devices do you think you might add in the next 5-10 years?

The answer is, You probably don't know how many new smart devices you're going to add to your home, because you probably won't even realize you're doing it, it's just going to happen without you specifically planning it, you might buy a new Blu-ray player or AV receiver without even realizing it requires internet connectivity, it's just the natural progression of things, we recommend you start planning for it by installing a wired digital network in your home or office.

WiFi versus Data Cabling. Cape Town

Wired is better than Wireless. (WiFi)

Wired is, was and always will be better than wireless.

Most of us use WiFi in our homes simply because we don't have a choice and for mobile devices like our smartphones it's a requirement.

By all means, have a WiFi network in your home, but wherever possible install a wired network too.

There are a number of technical advantages to a wired computer network over wireless.

Security, WiFi is a greater security risk. We have absolutely no control over how far our wireless signal propagates beyond our homes or offices or who has access to our WiFi signal, passwords can be broken, or shared with the wrong people. You can set your network up in such a way that certain items are available on the wireless network, but your important data is locked away on a separate secure wired network.

WiFi, or wireless, signals have limitations.
Range: Wireless signals deteriorate over distance and even more rapidly depending on what materials are in the path between the communicating devices. The weaker the WiFi signal becomes the slower the data transfer rate becomes as the devices have to repeat "unheard or lost" data. Wired networks provide a more reliable signal quality over greater distances.

Interference: any wireless signal is prone to interference from other wireless devices, like your cordless phones, or even devices that produce an electromagnetic field, like a microwave. Your neighbour may have his WiFi network setup on the same or similar channel to yours, wired networks are not prone to interference.

Speed: Although the claimed speeds of wireless network devices are improving, up to 1Gbps these speeds are rarely achieved in real life with real speeds being around 50% of the claimed maximum, the speed of wired networks can be 10 times that at 10Gbps.

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Is your Home ready for the Digital Revolution?

Building a new home, renovating or adding on. Installing digital cabling is NOT an expensive exercise if performed during the build stage, it can also be performed in existing homes, but may require a little more work,cutting and grinding or running cables surface. Give us a call for a no obligation quote and get your home digital ready.