Professional Home Theatre Installations.

Supply and Installations of Quality Home Theatre Systems in the Cape Town areas.

Home Theatre installations in Cape Town

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Home Theatre installations in Cape Town

Let us "Blow Your Mind" with a Professionally installed Modern Home Theatre System.

Home Network Solutions, a division of Techno offers a comprehensive range of quality Home Theatre Systems in Cape Town to suit all budgets from the affordable basic home theatre in a box to the professional home theatre systems for the discerning individual who wants nothing but the best.
The Techno Group are able to source quality branded home theatre systems from a host of reputable local suppliers that offer professional back up and support. No grey imports.
Modern home theatre systems are a complex combination of audio/video and computer technology, offering many features and functions that fall outside the range of simple DIY or plug n play.
To truly appreciate the benefits of your investment we strongly advise making use of professional trained home theatre installation company, in fact many of the manufacturers of these systems only make their systems available through approved qualified outlets like The Techno Group who have the skilled personnel to ensure you get the best from your home theatre system.
The Techno Group can offer complete home theatre supply and installation or supply and installation of various separate components to upgrade or improve your existing system. So if your looking for a professional home theatre systems installer in Cape Town, give us a call.

The different Components of a Quality Professional Home Theatre System.

What makes a truly exceptional Home Theatre System? The overall quality of a Home Theatre System is the sum of it's individual parts. Like a chain the end product is only as good as it's weakest link.
A Home Theatre systems comprises of four basic components that when correctly selected and properly installed make for a great Home Theatre experience.
The only limit on just how "Mind Blowing" your system can be is ultimately - Your Budget.

Home Theatre Installations Cape Town

The Audio Video Source.

Source means "Starting Point". It's best to have a good Audio Video source, Yes, your AV Receiver and TV may be able to upscale, or improve, the incoming signal to some degree, but try to have the best quality source to start with.
Blu-ray versus DVD or Full 1080p HD versus 720p HD Ready. Sometimes we don't have a choice on the quality of the incoming signal from our Satellite TV or Online Streaming service, we have noticed that some Service Providers are starting to offer Ultra High Definition, UHD, streams for your 4K UHD TV's.

Audio Video Receivers Cape Town

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The AV Receiver. (Audio Video Receiver.)

The Central Component or Control Point of your Home Theatre system.
The AV Receiver receives the incoming audio and video signals, processes them accordingly and sends the appropriate signals to the correct output devices, video to the TV screen and audio to the desired speakers.

The AV Receiver acts as an amplifier for the audio signals splitting the audio into the required number of channels, stereo, 5.1 or higher depending on your system. The AV Receiver may also upscale the output video, if necessary.
Ideally your AV Receiver should be compatible with the level or type of input sources and the requirements of your output needs, i.e. the power rating and number of speakers.
Home Theatre Speakers Cape Town

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The Speakers, Audio output devices.

A common error by most people is to over spend on the Amp, or AV Receiver and under spend on their speakers, but the speakers are the device that ultimately convert the electrical signal into audio.
Good quality speakers will generate better quality audio when powered by a lesser Amp compared to inferior quality speakers being driven by a bigger or better Amp. Speaker efficiency ratings in db, the higher the db rating the better.
It's also important to bear in mind that good quality speakers will remain good quality speakers for many years to come, whereas rapid digital advancements and enhancements can quickly render Amps and Input sources incompatible with new technologies.

Video output home theatre devices Cape Town.

The Video output device, TV, Projector.

The option between TV or projector is a personnal one, with most people opting for the TV option, simply because a TV is more flexible and operates in all environemnts and light conditions.
If you have the correct environment and a desire for a bigger screen then a projector is an option.
Your choice of TV is limited to your budget, available space and personnal choice.
Modern TV's range from HD, 720p and continue to Full HD 1080p or 1k, with 4k UHD now being fairly common. In recent times we have seen the arrival of 8k Super UHD.
Although pixel ratings are not the only contributing factor to picture quality it does enable the manufacturers to make the TV's bigger while still offering exceptional picture quality.