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Based in Durbanville, servicing the Cape Town areas.

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LED Lighting Consultant, Durbanville, Cape Town.

Meet Vince - our Lighting Consultant.

We are a Professional Lighting Consultancy, specialising in the latest LED Technologies.

The Techno Group is truly blessed to have so many highly qualified and experienced in house lighting specialists, from LED Lighting installation electricians to highly trained LED Lighting Design Consultants.

These Lighting specialists enable the Techno Group to offer unsurpassed Lighting Project services, particularly LED Lighting to the Cape Town market.

LED Lighting installations are slightly different, somewhat more technical, than traditional lighting installations.

There is no disputing the fact that LED Lights are the future, at least the foreseeable future.

LED Lighting offers incredible benefits in terms of energy savings and long life spans, but LED Lighting installations may, at times, require a level of technical expertise that traditional lighting installations did not.

Previous lighting technologies were simpler from a technical point of view, a bulb was a bulb and a dimmer was a dimmer, all incandescent and halogen bulbs were compatible with just about any dimmer, as long as the Lighting Consultant had good knowledge of the Light Fittings available he or she could simply specify the fittings, supply the Light Fittings to the on site electrician for installation and walk away expecting very few problems, these lighting technologies have been around for decades and the electricians are familiar with them.

LED Lighting installations may require that the modern Lighting Consultant take more ownership of the lighting design and get more involved in the led lighting installation process. No longer can the Lighting Consultant simply specify the lighting products, supply these light fittings to the on site electrician and walk away. Many installation electricians do not yet have the necessary training or experience to install LED Lights under certain circumstances resulting in expensive delays, frustrations and possibly even damage to the lighting equipment.

Lighting Design and Consulting services we Offer to the Cape Town market.

Lighting Plan Cape Town

Lighting Plan.

Planning an LED Lighting installation is absolutely essential and requires specialised knowledge. Our Lighting Consultant, Vince, has been highly trained in the latest LED Lighting technologies.

Vince will happily meet with you or your architect to offer his professional lighting design skills ensuring that you get the best lighting advice from the outset. Poor planning of your lighting project up front can lead to expensive delays and alterations later.

Lighting Design Cape Town.

Lighting Design.

Effective Lighting Design is a topic that we would struggle to fit into an entire book. Lighting serves so many purposes in our lives from security to practical functional lighting, but in truth lighting can be so much more with the only limit being our budget and imagination.

Lighting is probably the quickest and easiest way that we can transform the purpose or feel of a specific room or area to suit our needs or mood at the time. Most rooms in our homes are multi purpose and so too should our lighting.

A flexible Lighting Design is easier to achieve than most of us realise, and can be achieved on a budget.

Don’t just use one light in a room, use a combination of two or three different types of lights, i.e. a main overhead light, some wall lights that can shine up, down or sideways and one or two cabinet lights or maybe some concealed lighting.

Wire each of the different lights or groups of lights to separate light switches, now you immediately have numerous lighting options available. If you have three separate circuits you now have eight different lighting combinations in that room ranging from all off to all on and any combination in between.

For further lighting flexibility add dimmers to some or all the circuits in the room thereby offering you unlimited lighting options or levels depending on your mood or requirements at the time.

LED Lights are available in different colours and colour changing, so the options really are are limitless.

Use different types of lights in different places, some give an even spread of light that fill a room while others can be directed to light up certain areas only, use a combination of natural white and warm white lights on different circuits that can be switched individually according to your needs at the time.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate lamps or other portable lights into your lighting design, these can easily be moved around to suit your needs and can quickly change the lighting atmosphere of a room.

Lighting Budget Cape Town

Costing and Budget for your Lighting Project.

Once we have established an initial lighting plan and lighting design we will commence costing, or if you have provided us with a specific lighting budget we will provide you with the best lighting design to fit your budget.

Lighting Sourcing. Cape Town

Sourcing of Lighting.

Owing to the fact that we are an independent lighting consulting supply and installation company we can source lighting from literally thousands of products from dozens of different quality suppliers locally. Stock dependent of course.

Lighting Supply in Cape Town

Supply of Lighting.

Naturally we supply lighting, a huge range of lighting in fact, but we are not an over the counter lighting sales outlet, we do not carry stock of bulbs or light fittings, we supply lighting on a project or consultancy basis in the Cape Town area.

If you are outside of the Cape Town area we can still assist with initial lighting design from plan, specification and supply - shipping to anywhere in South Africa. You can even send us a list of the light fittings you require and we will happily quote on a supply only, no consultancy, basis anywhere in South Africa.

Lighting Consultant in Cape Town

Lighting Consulting.

The advent of the LED Lighting industry has created the need for qualified, specialised LED Lighting consultants.

LED Lights are electronic components that happen to emit light, but they do require a certain amount of electronics knowledge and experience.

No longer is it acceptable for a Lighting Consultant to simply have basic knowledge of light fittings, a good modern Lighting Consultant needs to know not just the various fittings available on the market, but also the theory of light and now also electronics.

Vince, our Lighting Consultant is not just highly trained in the theory of light, but is also a highly qualified electronics technician.

Lighting Installations in Cape Town

Lighting Installation in Cape Town.

The Techno Group is very fortunate to have numerous qualified electricians in our employ, many of whom now have years of experience with LED Lighting installations putting us in an enviable position of being able to offer the full turn key LED Lighting installation solution from planning, specifying, supply and installation.

We can also offer any combination of services, most larger projects already have onsite electrical contractors doing the electrical installation and who will also handle the physical lighting installation, with or without onsite support from our trained consultant.

Smaller simpler projects may require less consulting and planning, but will require that we supply and perform the lighting installation, we can do this. Others may require the full service where we plan, design, specify, supply and install the lighting, we can do this too.

We also perform the occasional installation where the client supplies their own LED or other Light fittings, naturally in this case we cannot guarantee compatibility between LED lights, dimmers or transformers supplied by the client nor will we entertain any issue of dissatisfaction with light levels or light quality achieved by customer supplied hardware.

We will not be held responsible for damage to customer supplied lighting equipment as a result of incompatibility issues between the lighting components.