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The Polk Audio LSi-M705

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Floorstanding Speakers.

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Superior performance floor-standing tower

  • Dynamic Sonic Engine
  • Dual woofers

High Quality Sound

Fills your world with its wide, dynamic soundstage and its capability to effortlessly achieve truly staggering volume levels. The LSiM705 includes a 5 1/4-inch mid-woofer of lightweight super cell aerated polypropylene for smooth blending with its dual 5x7-inch Cassini oval subwoofer radiators enhanced by Polk's patented PowerPort® bass venting.


  • Total Pieces


  • Cabinet Warranty
    5 years
  • Drivers Warranty
    5 years
  • Original Purchaser Only


  • Carton 1
    86.4 lbs (39.19 kg)


  • Qty Included
  • Height with Base
    47" (119.38 cm)
  • Width with Base
    8.31" (21.11 cm)
  • Depth with Base
    14.38" (36.53 cm)
  • Weight
    78 lbs (35.38 kg)
  • Base Width
    9.25" (23.5 cm)
  • Base Depth
    16.25" (41.28 cm)
  • Driver Enclosure Type
  • Driver Complement
    • (1)  3.25" (8.26 cm) d (Round) Super Cell Aerated Polypropylene - Mid/Woofer
    • (2)  5" (12.7 cm) d (Round) Super Cell Aerated Polypropylene - Midrange
    • (2)  7" (17.78 cm) h x 5" (12.7 cm) w (Oval) Cassini oval, Super Cell Aerated Polypropylene - Subwoofer
    • (1)  1" (2.54 cm) d (Round) Enhanced Ring Radiator - Tweeter


  • Total Frequency Response
    22 Hz → 40 kHz
  • Lower and Upper -3dB Limits
    42 Hz → 30 kHz


  • Type
    Orth Crossover Design
  • Midbass/Woofer Crossover Frequency
    100 Hz
  • Tweeter/Midrange Crossover Frequency
    2.8 Hz
  • A/V Receiver Crossover Settings
    (40 Hz)

Accurate dialogue

The ring radiator tweeter features several improvements from the version in the earlier LSi line. A slight reshaping of the tweeter's bullet-shaped phase plug allows it to move even farther out of the baffle, while a redesigned diaphragm has made the tweeter even more efficient.

Advanced driver material

The original LSi speakers featured a light, stiff mineral-filled polypropylene cone that was "puffed up" with injected air to form a honeycomb-like structure. The new super cell aerated polypropylene uses larger "puffed cells" to create a cone material that's thicker yet lighter than the original.

Dual woofers

The oval shape helps them produce tight low-frequency music and movie sounds while maintaining a narrow cabinet width. Plus, each woofer has its own PowerPort® — a unique Polk design that positions specially designed "cones" at the mouth of the bass ports to direct moving air to eliminate bass-stealing turbulence.

Download the LSiM Series Datasheet.

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