Solar Water Heating Installations.

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Solar Water Heaters installations in Cape Town

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Solar water heater installations Cape Town

Supply and Installation of Solar Water Heaters.

South Africa has experienced sharp increases in the price of electricity over the last few years.

This trend seems set to continue for the foreseeable future, not only are we experiencing rising costs, but Eskom is constantly pleading with consumers to cut electricity consumption to avoid load shedding.

It’s a well known fact that almost half of all power consumed in an average home is utilised by the geyser.

South Africa is blessed with an abundance of free natural sunlight, which can easily be harnessed for the purpose of heating water.

A Solar Water Heating installation is not the same as a solar geyser, it connects to your existing geyser and utilises the suns energy to pre heat the water going into the geyser thereby reducing the amount of electricity your geysers consumes compared to having to heat up water from cold. Depending on your requirements and atmospheric conditions the Solar Heating alone may be sufficient resulting in possible 100% savings.

Installing a hybrid system could reduce your water heating costs to virtually zero and even provide you with hot water during power failures. A heat pump combined with a solar water heater which heats up the water using free natural sunlight before it enters the geyser, the heat pump then only kicks in when the solar energy is insufficient to cover your demand for hot water.

How do Solar Water Heaters work?

Vacuum tube collectors operation.

The suns energy is absorbed into by a heat pipe inside the evacuated tube heating up a non toxic liquid, the heated vapour rises into the heat exchanger where it heats up the water passing through cooling the vapour and repeating the process.

Solar Tube passive sun tracking

Pro’s and Con’s of Solar Water Heating system.

Once installed running costs of a Solar Water Heating system are virtually zero, sun light is free and quite abundant in South Africa.

Maintenance is minimal, just keep the tubes clean, and make sure vegetation is not blocking the sunlight.

Savings can, at times, be as high as 100%. Depending on the amount of sunlight and your lifestyle demands.

A Solar Water Heating system can be upgraded by adding more panels accordingly.

Efficiency of a Solar Water Heating system relies on sunlight, so it will be less efficient in winter, when overcast and at night.

Solar Water Heating systems offer effective life spans of 30 years or more.