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Sonos 5.1 system in Cape Town

We absolutely love Sonos, and so will you.

Yes, we can supply and install other Multi-room audio systems, but we haven't found one yet that can compete with Sonos for Power, Flexibility, ease of installation and use. Not to mention the free lifetime software updates.
Sonos is quite simply the Ultimate Multi Room audio system on the market today. Sonos's wireless technology makes it the ideal multi-room audio system for both new builds AND existing homes, other wired audio systems can only be installed during the build phase of a home.
Sonos installations are quick clean and hassle free, in fact it is possible to perform a Sonos installation without the use of a single tool, the units are plug n play.

Sonos Play1 Speaker in Cape Town

Sonos Play1 Speaker.

    Mini. Fits in any space, fills any room.
    Mighty. Surprisingly rich sound despite its size.
    Humidity resistant. Perfect for the bathroom (or backyard).
    Two Play1's work as Sonos home theater rear speakers.
    Join two Play1's to make a stereo pair.
    Wall or stand mountable.

Sonos Play3 Speaker in Cape Town

Sonos Play3 Speaker.

    Versatile. Fits perfectly in tall and narrow or short and wide spaces.
    Stereo sound. Intense and immersive, with surprisingly deep bass for a speaker its size.
    Vertical or horizontal, the sound remains amazing.
    Two PLAY:3s work as Sonos home theater rear speakers.
    Wall or stand mountable.

Sonos Play5 Speaker in Cape Town

Sonos Play5 Speaker.

    Fills a large room with pure, brilliant sound.
    Bold. Pure. Dynamic. Intense. With deep bass that packs a punch.
    Uncompromised sound whether vertical or horizontal.
    Convenient, ultra-responsive top panel touch controls.
    Line-in. Plug in any device you desire.

Sonos Connect in Cape Town

Sonos Connect.

    Brings music streaming to the audio equipment you already own.
    Flexible. Features analog, optical and coaxial digital audio outputs.
    Line-in. Plug in any device you desire.
    Play your amplified turntable through your Sonos system.
    Stream your CDs and LPs to Sonos speakers in other rooms.

Sonos Connect Amp in Cape Town

Sonos Connect Amp.

    Brings music streaming to your favorite indoor or outdoor speakers.
    More sonic punch.
    Built-in amplifier powers large or small speakers.
    55 W per channel at 8 Ohms.
    RCA line-in for connecting a range of playback sources.
    Subwoofer line-out.

Sonos Sub in Cape Town

Sonos Sub Woofer.

    Adds dramatically deeper bass to any Sonos speaker (or amplified component).
    Zero cabinet buzz or rattle.
    Versatile. Place it anywhere. Standing up or lying flat.
    One-button setup.

Sonos Playbar in Cape Town

Sonos Playbar.

    Two-in-one. Adds full-theater sound for your TV. Streams music, too.
    Simple two-cord setup. One for power. One for your TV.
    Works with your existing TV remote.
    Syncs wirelessly with SUB and two PLAY:1s for 5.1 surround sound.
    Works lying flat or wall-mounted.

Sonos Playbase in Cape Town

Sonos Playbase - Coming Soon.

    Two-in-one. Full-theater sound for your TV. Streams music, too.
    Low profile design that practically disappears.
    Sound you just can’t miss.
    Securely supports TVs up to 77 lbs (35 kg).
    Simple two-cord setup. One for power, one for your TV.
    Add SUB and two PLAY:1 rears for wireless 5.1 surround sound.

Sonos Boost in Cape Town

Sonos Boost.

For when existing WiFi isn't reliable enough for streaming music.

Sonos Control in Cape Town

Sonos Control.

Pick a room. Pick a song. Hit play. Choose what to play, where to play it, and how loud. In one room or all over your home. Track down songs across all your music services with a single search. Create playlists in an instant. The Sonos app does it all. Get the app. For everyone in the house, and all their devices—smartphones, tablets, and computers. Now you’re ready to set up your Sonos and start streaming music. When friends come over they can download the app and play DJ, too.

Sonos Streaming Services.

All the music on earth. And then some.
Sonos was created by music lovers. For music lovers. Which means we want Sonos to play absolutely all the music you love - no matter where it comes from. The Internet for streaming services, radio, and podcasts. Plus that personal collection of music downloads you’ve got stored on your computer, phone and tablet.
Below are some examples of Sonos compatible streaming services. Services may require a paid subscription, not all services are available in all regions yet.

Amazon Music on Sonos
Apple Music on Sonos
Deezer Music Service on Sonos
Google Play Music on Sonos
Napster Music Service on Sonos
Pandora Music Service on Sonos
Sirius XM on Sonos
Sound Cloud on Sonos
Spotify Music Service on Sonos.
Tunein Radio Streaming on Sonos