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Standby Generator installations in Cape Town

Installation of Standby Generators by Qualified Electricians.

Eskom load shedding often leaves us in the dark at very inconvenient times, if it happens during the day business production is affected costing business owners money, after hours cuts negatively impact on our home lives.

Installing a standby generator is a quick and cost effective method of overcoming these power cuts.

Remember, a generator should only be installed by a qualified electrician, incorrect installation can be dangerous.

The Techno Group's qualified electricians can connect generators of all sizes to fit your needs from a basic manually operated generator system to power some lights and a few appliances to a fully automatic generator system that powers the entire home or office.

The Techno Group can assess your standby power needs and assist you on choosing a generator of the correct size and type, beware…not all generators are the same, see the below points to consider when installing a generator.

Considerations when installing a genarator in Cape Town

Points to Consider when investing in a standby generator system.

Not all generators are the same, when looking for a generator it’s important that you consider what you will be powering, some appliances, particularly electronics, require a good quality steady 230 Vac, 50 Hz pure sine wave supply. Installing a poor quality generator may result in some appliances not working, or worse, damage your appliances.

Assess the load, will you be powering your entire home or office or just lighting and certain vital appliances, reduce your load by converting to energy saving lighting/appliances where possible. The smaller the load the smaller, quieter, and less expensive, the required generator.

Once you have determined the required load ensure that the generator can handle twice that required load. Some appliances require much more power on start up, motors, compressors etc. Overloading your generator can damage the generator and your appliances. A motor, like your pool pump, can draw more than ten times their full load rating on start up.

Generators produce carbon monoxide fumes and noise, do you have a suitable location on your premises to cater for this, if not an inverter system may be your only option. Do not use a generator indoors or near windows.

Are you happy to switch manually between standby and mains supply during power cuts, or do you require automatic changeover and start up? Bear in mind that auto start will automatically start the generator when it detects a power failure even at times when you do not want, or need, it to, you may already be in bed and not require standby power.

Never connect your generator to your electrical installation without first isolating the mains supply and other circuits that will not require power, a changeover switch is highly advisable, this can be very dangerous to you, your neighbours and Electricians working on the power lines. Do not reconnect mains supply until you have disconnected the generator when power is restored.

Do not allow a generator to run out of fuel while running, this can damage the generator, do not refill a generator while it is running, switch it off and allow it to cool before refilling. Ensure the fuel tank is of a sufficient size to run the generator for the periods you may require it.

A generator can become hot so make sure it’s safely out of the way of little hands.

Keep an approved fire extinguisher near the generator in case of emergencies.

While you have fuel to power your generator you can run it, a generator is an inexpensive method of providing alternative power for extended periods of time, unlike other systems that may run out of energy after a few hours if not recharged, either by mains supply or Solar.

Please remember to store your fuel in a safe place, don’t store fuel for too long, rather use it in your car or other device and replace with fresh fuel on a regular basis.

Start your generator and let it run for a while at least once a month.

A generator is just like your car engine, it requires proper care and servicing on a regular basis.