Top 10 Advantages of LED Lighting

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Advantages of LED Lighting in Cape Town

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LED Lights in Cape Town

LED Lighting offers numerous benefits over the older more traditional lighting technologies, here are just 10.

LED Lights are currently relatively expensive, when compared to the older lighting technologies, incandescent, halogen etc.

There would have to be some compelling reasons why we would install LED Lighting in our new homes or offices, even more so why we would replace perfectly good existing operational lights.

Luckily for LED Lighting it does offer numerous benefits over traditional lighting that justify the somewhat larger up front investment, and we do use the word investment accurately, because that’s what LED lighting is, it’s an investment in our future.

Before we delve into the top 10 reasons for converting to LED Lighting lets first take a breath to caution the overly eager DIY LED converter from rushing blindly into ripping out existing lights and converting to LED.

Most of us are quite familiar with the older lighting technologies, and why not, it’s been around for many decades, we know what a 100 Watt bulb looks like and how much and what type of light it gives, we’ve grown up with this technology, we know it, but LED lighting is new to most of us and it’s different, very different.

Like any new industry it takes a while for Standards and Regulations to catch up and during the early stages of consumer ignorance many people get caught by inferior quality products and are disappointed with the results.

South Africa has been swamped with a huge variety of LED lights from all over the world ranging from the well known reputable Lighting Brands to others of unknown origin and dubious quality.

One LED Light can vary dramatically from another LED Light, EVEN if they have the same “Ratings” in terms of how much light and the quality of the light they generate.

Number 1 Advantage of LED Lights in Cape Town

LED Lighting offers Long Life Spans.

The initial cost is immediately off set by the potential life span, LED lights are rated to last anything from 25 000 to 100 000 hours, whereas incandescent's are rated for a mere 1200 hours and CFL’s at around 8000 hours. You save on replacement and maintenance costs, to put it into perspective, during the projected life span of an LED bulb you may have to replace an incandescent bulb anything from 20 to 80 times, that’s a lot of trips to the hardware store.

Number 2 Advantage of LED Lights in Cape Town

LED Lighting offers incredible Energy Savings.

With LED Lighting you get the same amount of light for less power consumption, saving you money every hour you burn your lights. Savings are approximately 85% versus incandescent/halogen and 50% versus CFL. This is not just good news for your pocket, but it’s good news for the environment too.

Number 3 Advantage of LED Lights in Cape Town

Low Power Consumption, Low Voltage.

LED Lights can be powered by alternative power sources directly, i.e. 12Vdc batteries powered-charged by Solar Panels, the lower power consumption allows for a cheaper smaller Solar Installations compared to conventional high powered lighting.

Number 4 Advantage of LED Lights in Cape Town

Instant Lighting and Switching Frequency.

Unlike certain types of lights, like CFL’s LED Lights do not require a warm up time. LED Lights are not negatively affected in any way by regular switching which can greatly reduce the life span of other types of lights that suffer from mechanical shock.

Number 5 Advantage of LED Lights in Cape Town

Physical Durability of LED Lights.

LED bulbs are physically more durable and less prone to physical damage compared to incandescent, CFL and fluorescent.

Number 6 Advantage of LED Lights in Cape Town

LED Lights are digital.

LED Lights are actually an electronic component controlled by a microprocessor enabling greater control of the amount and type of light generated, separate LED’s can be combined in a single fitting to generate any colour required. LED Lighting allows for greatly enhanced mood lighting control.

Number 7 Advantage of LED Lights in Cape Town

LED Lights are Directional.

Directional lighting sends the light where it should go unlike traditional lighting that sends the light in all directions and relies on the fitting design to reflect much of the light where it needs to go. Less lighting wastage.

Number 8 Advantage of LED Lights in Cape Town

LED Lighting is less harmful.

LED Lighting emits very little infra-red and close to zero Ultra Violet light, this makes LED lighting perfect for sensitive applications where infra red or UV light are undesired, museum, art galleries etc.

Number 9 Advantage of LED Lights in Cape Town

LED Lights are more energy efficient and run cooler.

We have already discussed the fact that LED Lights use less energy to produce light, but they produce light more efficiently, roughly 80% of the energy consumed generates light and only 20% is wasted and expelled as mostly heat, hence LED lights run much cooler than incandescent's and halogens that waste 80% of their energy generating heat and only 20% as light. Cooler lights are less damaging to their immediate surroundings and place less “strain” on the climate control systems within the building, offering further energy savings. Cooler lights are also less of a fire risk, hence safer.

Number 10 Advantage of LED Lights in Cape Town

LED Lighting Loves Colder Temperatures.

LED’s are electronic devices that function well at colder temperatures, LED’s thrive in temperatures that will negatively affect other types of lights making them ideal for refrigeration, outdoor use etc.